I’m Felix “tmbinc” Domke. I like disassemblers, soldering irons and oscilloscopes, and I use them to hack stuff. As you can see, I’m particularly bad at web design and keeping a blog updated, but every once in a while you can expect another quality post[citation needed].

You can reach me at tmbinc@elitedvb.net.

My PGP Key ID is 0xC9B37337 (fingerprint: F3E7 0E7F 7CF7 6A44 3E27 42A0 34F7 E743 C9B3 7337) and is available on a few keyservers.



Felix Domke
Am Schellbruch 22a
23568 Luebeck


Telefon: +49-451-20913312

E-Mail: tmbinc@elitedvb.net

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