The Beast.. in parts

What is “The Beast”? Other than what you find on wikipedia, the Triforce can be described as a tweaked Gamecube.

The heart is a standard, retail Gamecube board, allegedly with twice the amount of MEM1, and a custom IPL. Instead of the DVD drive, the Triforce has a Sega-developed “media board” which interfaces to a “DIMM board”. The “DIMM board” is an embedded computer running VxWorks. It has a large amount of buffer RAM (my unit has 512MB), and interfaces to a NAOMI GD-ROM. The board will preload the complete gamedata from the optical medium into the buffer RAM. Also, it features an ethernet and a serial port, probably to link several arcade machines. The media board will then provide the glue logic from the DI (Gamecube’s DVD Interface) to the DIMM board. The DIMM board also contains a security PIC, which has to match the game disc. That is, game discs come with a “hardware dongle”.