I apologize for the lack of recent updates. The main reason is that I moved, or better, split up, currently into three different places: My new flat, my old flat (which still takes care of a lot of my equipment), and a new home for electronic devices, called “waldobjekt”. The waldobjekt is a place which finally has enough space for all of my projects (and much more). >260 m² of space for storage, working and having fun!

Today I have set up the first 360, xenon0, also available as It also makes use of the Microsoft Xbox LIVE Vision Camera, which I’ve got running under linux (with linux-uvc). However due to limitations in len(DSL+network+usb), the angle is a bit ugly, and you’re likely to see exactly: nothing.

As soon as we finished some more connectivity in that place (mainly power and network are missing), I’ll connect the other 9 Xboxes.

As a side note, I’ve published (in cooperation with Brian) a security advisory for the ReadyNAS backdoor/vulnerability (depends on how you see the world). They also released a linux-2.6-based RAIDiator 4.0 beta (and if anybody finds their patched linux-2.6 kernel sources, I’d be happy to hear).

Then I worked a bit on the Xenos (GPU) stuff. It’s still not ready for prime-time, sorry, but I’ve got everything I need - texture mapping, shaders, … I’ll post an update “when it’s done”. That said, if somebody actually wants to contribute to that (not just use it), feel free to mail me, so I can share a totally-non-foolproof fragile beta version with you.